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A Magical Place
Where Children Learn

A Magical Place
Where Children Learn

There is no better way to start children in music! Our comprehensive program lays the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and prepares students for any instrument. Our fully-equipped classrooms have everything necessary for our students to thrive including a keyboard for every child.

See what our Group Program is All About!

Designed from the Ground up for Young Learners

Each learning-packed class is filled with fun and purposeful activities that accommodate age-specific learning styles, developmental stages and attention spans.

Keyboard as Learning Tool

The keyboard is ideal because it can sustain a tone without any special technique and allows for the study of all three elements of music: Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program provides a complete musical foundation which includes singing, keyboard playing, theory and ear training, note-reading, performing, ensemble playing, composing and so much more!

Proven Program

Facilities, Classroom Activities, Student Materials and easy to follow Home Activities come together to create a fool-proof system that creates progress and success.  Just follow the plan and the learning will come.